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How we can help you

Support Forest Hills Eateries was established to help local eateries like yours minimize economic impact from COVID-19. Our community volunteers are working hard to protect, promote, and advocate for businesses like yours within the Forest Hills community. See what free services we provide to help your business during this time.

We know that the Forest Hills eateries our community loves have been economically impacted by COVID-19. 

At Support Forest Hills Eateries, we want to help you weather the impact of COVID-19 by connecting you to ways to raise funds and awareness among the Forest Hills community.

Choose one of the ways below to increase your business's cash flow and visibility during this time, contact us to let us know what you are doing, and we will promote the extra steps you are taking on our page for community residents and organizations!

Have you gone through all possibilities available based on legislation? Please visit our Business Continuity Legal FAQ to check it out. Contact us for further questions.


Partner with Queens Together

Queens Together partners with local businesses to get food to families in need.  If you can fill purchase orders of $30 for meals to serve 20 people (equivalent to two standard steam table pans), sign up on the Queens Together website.  As Queens Together identifies families in your area who are in need of food, the organization will contact you with purchase orders and coordinate delivery to families.  Meals should be individually packaged for each person.

If you join Queens Together, let us know through our Contact Us form and we will let our readers know on our website that you are an available partner.


Update your Take-out & Delivery Options and Business Hours

While you may have updated your take-out and delivery options and hours on your website, it is important to update them on platforms where customers are looking for options in their neighborhood to support local businesses. Make sure to update your options and hours on Yelp, DoorDash, Seamless, GrubHub, Caviar, UberEats, and post them to Dine in NYC, Help Main Street, and Rally for Restaurants.

SFHE is also creating a comprehensive list of this information for customers. Please help us represent your business accurately through this form.


Offer eGift Cards

Selling gift cards online gives you immediate cash for your business while giving customers the opportunity to support you now and dine later. It is a great way to raise funds that you need now.

Check if your POS provider offers a way to sell online gift cards, as many do (including Square).  You can also set them up through GiftUp or GiftFly.

Once you create an eGift Card, advertise your gift card options on Dine in NYC, Help Main Street, and Rally for Restaurants.

Send us the link to your gift card purchasing page through our Contact Us form and we will happily post it on our website to encourage readers to purchase them!


Set up a Business or Staff Relief Fund

Many local businesses are setting up business and staff relief funds through GoFundMe: see a list of examples here.  In addition, GoFundMe's Small Business Relief Initiative makes you eligible for a matching grant of $500 from GoFundMe if you raise $500 through your business's fundraising page.

Create a GoFundMe for your business at the link below. To be considered for a $500 matching grant from GoFundMe's Small Business Relief Fund, make sure to:

  1. Add the hashtag #SmallBusinessRelief to your fundraiser story

  2. Fill out this form

Send us the link to your GoFundMe through our Contact Us form and we will post it on our website for readers to contribute.  Need help creating an effective GoFundMe page?  Let us know and we'd be happy to review your page and give you suggestions!

Juice in Glass

Get Creative!

There are many ways businesses are getting creative to promote their food and improve cash flow.  Consider the following options:

  • Sell groceries, especially cuisine-specific ethnic items that may be hard for local residents to find.

  • Package home-quarantine kits with simple recipes that customers can make at home.

  • Start a social media presence on Facebook or Instagram to promote your take-out and delivery options, gift cards, or GoFundMe. We would be happy to feature your social media pages on our website!

Contact us below to let us know about any creative options you are pursuing!