Meet Our Team

"Teamwork is all about community"

Anu Pattabiraman


Anu is a local Forest Hills resident who is eager to help the eateries she loves in her community through COVID-19.  She started SFHE with Kikko to support local businesses and community members.

Anu oversees the team and works on local eatery & community outreach

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Kikko M


Kikko is a Forest Hills resident who works as database and content manager. She and Anu met through Edible Queens and started SFHE, "the rest is history".


Kikko works on eatery outreach & promotion


Andrew Goh

Community Volunteer

Andrew is a Queens resident who works as a Data Analyst. He wants to use his skills and experience to have a positive impact on others during these trying times.


Andrew works on SFHE's website design and database development 

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Christina Sue 

Community Volunteer

Christina is a Forest Hills resident who works as a water engineer.  To Christina, Forest Hills is special for many things, among them, are local eateries. She regards them as neighbors rather than just establishments. She offers her appreciation.

Christina handles SFHE's website design & works on community outreach

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Nancy Shrestha

Community Volunteer

Nancy is a Rego Park resident who frequently eats in the Forest Hills area. After an experience with COVID-19, she wanted to help out her local community and joined SFHE’s team to help combat struggling businesses and community food insecurity. 


Nancy works on SFHE’s website design, community outreach and newsletter writing


Sarah Schneider

Team Manager 

Sarah is a recent college graduate who wants to give back to her community during the COVID-19 pandemic in any way she can.


She works on SFHE strategy and development, as well as manages the interns and volunteers

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Liam Lonergan

Summer Intern

Liam is a current undergraduate student who hopes that during these tough times people have the opportunity to reflect on the importance of their local community, especially eateries. 


 Liam works to provide SFHE with updated local news, programs, and policies. He also works on business database development 

Liam Lonergan Jo Photo - Liam Lonergan.j

Victoria Agwam

Summer Intern

Victoria is a Queens native and current undergraduate student. She has always loved the ambiance of Forest Hills and hopes to make some positive contributions this summer.

Victoria works on social media and email marketing, as well as graphic design